Saturday, October 10, 2009

Job 1: Q&A Website Guru

The other day, while the gray morning wasted into a bright afternoon, I sat and answered questions posted on a website for over an hour. The concept is this: people log on and ask environmental-type questions, and I research them on the internet and answer back.

Despite being paid what a small child would disdain for their allowance, it was actually pretty fun. I learned a lot of things (Red meat is the worst food for the environment--who knew?). My favorite question, though was this:

How many moths do bears eat?

I thought this was a joke, but it turns out that bears in Yellowstone eat 40,000 moths a day! That would be like having a stomach full of rolling papers.

In other news: Check out how usefully I've been spending my time. The other day, trying to see if there was a sad song in The Jungle Book, I discovered this little gem, which is a montage of Jungle Book clips set to Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion." I'm trying to think of other Disney movies that would work well with Aerosmith songs. Bambi and "Janie's Got a Gun?" 101 Dalmations and "Dude Looks Like a Lady?"

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